Beta Glucan- A Key To a Good Immune System

Beta Glucan- A Key To a Good Immune System
Beta Glucan- A Key To a Good Immune System

Beta Glucan- A Key To a Good Immune System: A healthy immune system needs good, healthy food, although there are relatively few studies on the effects of diet on the immune system – there are even more studies that link the effects of nutrition to treatment rather than disease prevention.

There is some evidence that shows that deficiencies in micronutrients, in particular. The lack of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid and vitamins A, B6, C, and E, alter the immune response.

That is why you should take supplements because you can not get all these nutrients from food. If you suspect that you do not feed all the nutrients you need (and most people have deficiencies with these nutrients. Not only because of the wrong diet but also because of the quality of food!.

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About beta-glucan there are no doubts, they are proven our best defense allies. The human body can not synthesize beta-glucans and can not metabolize beta-glycosidic bonds present in beta-glucan. Therefore, the beta-glucose administered orally into the body gets unchanged to the small intestine, whereby the M cell transduces it to the lymph tissue located in the Peyer plates (lymph nodes in the small intestine submucosa).

Beta-glucans indirectly increase the activity of lysozyme

Beta Glucan- A Key To a Good Immune System:  Beta-glucans indirectly increase the activity of lysozyme, elastase, collagenase, and cytokine relaxation.

All this contributes to the faster and stronger response of the organism to pathogens. This is manifested by increased resistance of the organism to infections, as well as reduction of symptoms and faster recovery of existing infections.

Beta-glucans action begins 24 to 72 hours after taking. So you can take beta-glucan products when the symptoms are already present also you can use it to prevent disease. Beta-glucan, help us to relieve symptoms of cold and it is also effective in infections with pathogenic Candida albicans.

There is no evidence for serious unwanted effects of beta-glucan that makes it safe for use for babies from the first day on. You can use this product to boost your immune system when we have a flu season.


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