How Smoking Affects Your Training Results

How Smoking Affects Your Training Results: We all know those smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit, but does that mean that you need to choose between them and exercise?
Studies show that physical activity at least twice a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer by about 30 percent. But smoking can reduce your ability to do such activities and slow down the achievement of your goals from several aspects.
Smokers often experience difficulty breathing during exercise.

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Reduced lung capacity affects the amount of oxygen in the blood and muscles that result in greater muscle pain and fatigue. Smoking cigarettes affects circulation and cardiovascular health, which reduces the blood supply to your muscles. This further increase the time it takes to recover from weight lifting activation. Some studies even show that smokers are more likely to gain muscle injury during exercise.

Nicotine and the Carbon monoxide

The nicotine and the carbon monoxide that you enter in your body by smoking cigarettes makes constriction of your arteries. The result of narrowed arteries is reduced blood flow to the heart, muscles and other organs of the body, which reduces the ability for physical activity. During exercise, blood flow helps to supply your muscles with oxygen. And if your muscles do not get enough oxygen, your body can not function at full capacity.

Smoking cigarettes can reduce strength and flexibility, which can make weight training more difficult. You may need to start exercising with lower weights and with less intensity. This may mean that it takes a long time to meet your fitness goals. One of the main benefits of weight training is that it reduces the risk of chronic health disorders such as osteoporosis. Hence, smokers do not enjoy so many benefits from physical activity as non-smokers.
How Smoking Affects Your Training Results: Training can be a great tool for accomplishing your plan to quit smoking. By practicing, you can reduce your desire for cigarettes and get rid of stress. If you quit smoking, heart rhythm will decrease, blood circulation will increase, and lung function will improve – which will improve the effectiveness of your training.

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