How To Burn Fat Faster ( LAST-MINUTE training)

How To Burn Fat Faster: If you don’t have time but you want to get rid of some fat, then all that you need now are short, intensive, and efficient training to deliver quick results. And remember that you can use this training for a short time unless you are experienced in fitness. Practice with more weight and make shorter breaks

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When you want to get rid of excess fat. Regular training consists of exercises with lower weights and more repetitions. Starting from the theory that the longer you exercise, the more calories you burn. But for this strategy, you need time that you do not have now, therefore, select the weight to make 8-10 reps in the first series and make breaks of 30 seconds between the series.

Be prepared that with this pace in the third series you may not be able to do more than 6 reps. To achieve more efficient fat burn, you need to increase the time of muscle contractions, that is, putting your muscles under greater strain, which will result in an increase in pulse and the body’s ability to consume calories.

Accomplished in several ways:


do exercises that involve two or more movements in one repetition, without pause between them. These movements can target the same or different muscle groups. Drop-sets – when you reach the point of muscular failure of a particular exercise, reduce weight by 25% and immediately continue performing the series until you reach muscle failure for the second time.

Short pause

with the weight with which you can withstand 6 reps without muscular failure, make a series of 3-4 repetitions, a break of 15-20 seconds, again 3-4 repetitions, a break of 15-20 seconds, and once again 3- 4 repetitions. Breaks between series are necessary when you want to work on your strength, but if you want to get rid of excess fat you will need to lose your body from the comfort of rest.

This means that you will need to be active between the series, but you must be careful not to activate the same muscle groups that you are targeting with the current exercise to give them the ability to recover. For example, if you exercise breasts, during breaks you can jump with a rope, or make simple movements with your legs. There is a very good reason why exercising with complex movements should be in the focus of your fat-burning training.

How To Burn Fat Faster:

They maximally activate muscle tissue, increase the ability to exercise at higher weights, encourage the body to consume more calories, and accelerate metabolism. Also, these exercises encourage the secretion of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, which play a key role in increasing muscle mass and melting fat.

Forget about isolation exercises that target only one muscle group and prepare the body for summer. The two-hour cardio exercises coupled with high weight exercises bring certain advantages, but in this case, in favor of time, I suggest you turn to exercises at high-intensity intervals that you are most likely known as HIIT exercises.