What Is Casein And Why Do You Need It

Nowadays, when we are searching for fast results, the slow-decomposing protein is not very popular compared to others. But the use of casein can give significantly better results in the process of releasing excess fat and increasing strength if used properly.

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Casein is a milk protein.

About 80% of the proteins contained in dairy products are casein, the rest is whey protein. Casein. Which comes in the form of a supplement, is made from skimmed milk that is processed to wash water so that it can be purified and a final product containing 96% protein is obtained. Then the product is dehydrated to be transformed into a powder form.


It’s considered a protein that slowly decays because it forms “lumps” in the stomach which is diluted for 5-7 hours. It makes it ideal for a night meal before bedtime when the body is in a resting and regenerating phase.

Due to slow dilution, casein provides continuous transport of amino acids to the muscles that help them regenerate and strengthen while sleeping. Which can result in increased energy when you wake up. If you exercise at night, the best meal after training you can take is casein.
It is well known that protein diet is your best friend for building muscle mass, regenerating the muscle system, getting rid of excess pounds, reducing appetite and increasing energy – everything that you need to improve your appearance and health.

When we are talking about protein diet the first that comes to your mind is a stack or whey protein. But science shows that a glass of casein in the form of a protein shake at bedtime can help you a lot more. Like all other supplements, casein works in combination with regular exercise and proper consumption.

If you have lactose intolerance, it is best to consume mycelium casein because it is separated from the lactose in the milk by microfiltration. Due to the delicate nature of cells, this casein form is not processed using acids, and therefore it is nutritionally the richest of all other forms of this protein.

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