What Your Blood Group Reveals For Your Health

What Your Blood Group Reveals For Your Health

What Your Blood Group Reveals For Your Health: Knowing your blood group can help you to find out which diseases you are prone to, and of which you are generally protected.
As we already know, there are molecules called A or B antigens that may be present in the blood or not at all, as well as the protein called Rh-factor. So there are eight blood groups, namely A +, A-, B +, B-, AB +, AB-, 0+, and O-. These antigens differ in each organism differently, but there are certain diseases that are common to one blood group.

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A, B, and AB blood groups– cardiac disorders, deep vein thrombosis, stomach cancer

These blood groups have a 25-30% higher risk of developing thrombosis than null groups, as well as a 15% higher risk of death due to heart disease. As we have already mentioned these blood types, are more prone to thrombosis, and to deep venous thrombosis, which may appear in the legs and arms, and in the worst case, can cause heart failure. These blood groups have a more sensitive digestive system. For example, they suffer more frequently from Helicobacter pylori infection, gastric inflammation, and in the worst cases, ulcer or gastrointestinal cancer.

O blood group – problems with fertility

According to multiple analyzes, female blood group carriers 0+ or 0- have a naturally lower level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FHS), or smaller stocks of unripe eggs. As already mentioned, the null groups have a lower risk of developing thrombosis, but have a coagulation problem in the event of a greater injury, when the blood should create a clotted clot on the surface, to prevent bleeding and to provide healing of the wound.

AB- Weak memory

Although it is the rarest blood type, regardless of the Rh factor, its carriers have an 82% higher chance of cognitive problems, such as loss of memory, either completely or partially, but also problems to remember certain facts.

A and B blood groups- Diabetes

These two blood groups have high chances of diabetes, especially those with blood type B.

Blood-type diet

According to some recent studies, the regimen predicted for your blood type is likely to help you lose some kilos, but in fact, there is no connection to the blood group itself.

What Your Blood Group Reveals For Your Health

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