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Which Water Soluble Vitamins Are Essential For Our Body

Which Water Soluble Vitamins Are Essential For Our Body

Water-Soluble Vitamins Are Essential For Our Body: we discuss everything in detail.

Thiamine B1

Principal sources -meats, liver potatoes, and legumes
Secondary deficiency can result in pregnancy, lactation, fever, diarrhea, hyperthyroidism, and impaired utilization in severe liver disease.
Functions – carbohydrate metabolism, myocardial, central, and peripheral nerve function.
Effects of deficiency – beriberi, cardiac failure, peripheral nephropathy, and constipation.
the usual therapeutic dose is 30 -100 mg/day

Riboflavin B2

Principal sources – milk, meat, liver, cheese, and eggs
secondary deficiency can result in chronic alcoholism, diarrhea and liver diseases
Functions – protein metabolism and integrity of the mucous membrane.
Effects of deficiency – angular stomatitis and corneal vascularization.
Usual dose is 10 -30 mg /day

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Sources- meats, liver, fish, and legumes
Deficiency can result from diarrhea, cirrhosis, alcoholism, and prolonged INH Therapy.
Functions -carbohydrate metabolism.
Effects -pellagra, stomatitis, CNS, and GI dysfunction.
The usual dose is 100-1000 mg /day

Pyridoxine B6

sources -Whole grain cereals, organ meat, liver, fish, and legumes
Secondary deficiency can result from malabsorption pr chemical inactivation by drugs as hydralazine and penicillamine.
Functions -porphyrin and heme synthesis, linoleic acid, metabolism, and tryptophan conversion to niacin.
Effects of deficiency -anemia, neuropathy, and convulsions in Infants.
The usual dose is 25 -100 mg /day


Principal sources – liver, kidney, cauliflower, nuts, and legumes.
Note, Raw eggs white contains biotin antagonist, avidin, high and prolonged consumption will result in dermatitis and glossitis.
Functions – amino acid and fatty acid metabolism, carboxylation, and decarboxylation of oxaloacetic acid.
Effects of deficiency- dermatitis, and glossitis.
The usual dose is 150-300 ug /day

Water-Soluble Vitamins Are Essential For Our Body