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Why The Spring Detox is Perfect For Your Body

Why The Spring Detox is Perfect For Your Body: At this period of a year, we hear the word “Detox” every single day. On the radio, on television, on the internet, in conversations with our friends and relatives. More then ever, nowadays we need the benefits of “detox” because we inject our toxins into our bodies more than ever in human history.

During detoxification, toxins are processed from fats in water molecules and are thrown out of the body through body processes. The transition from winter to spring offers us an ideal opportunity to cleanse the body from all accumulated toxins, during the winter. Spring gives us a large selection of fruits and vegetables that are essential for a good “detox” and can easily be combined in healthy and delicious meals.

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Successful Detoxification

To have successful detoxification, we must focus on hydration and nutritional value to stimulate the elimination of toxins. But this is not enough we also must increase our physical activity and to have enough time to sleep. The right food is the most important part of the purification. Choosing the right ingredients and the right way of consuming them can bring a lot of great benefits to our health, to instantly improve our metabolism, and to make ourselves feel younger and to have more energy. This is the perfect period to restart and to detox your body.

A More Balanced Diet:

The detox program can last from 1 day to 2 months and can only be based on consuming water (one-day detox) and a more balanced diet. What type of detox will choose depends on your needs and how you feel. For starters, reduce or completely eject all protein products of animal origin, of course, remove the red meat (lamb and pork) from the diet and try to eat chicken or fish once a week. You have to keep away from the alcohol, as well as products that contain gluten.

The reason why we must stop the intake of alcohol is that it burdens the liver who is responsible for dealing with toxins in our body. On the other side, gluten is the most difficult molecule that our body needs to decompose and thus allows toxins to penetrate the blood. You can replace the food containing gluten with rice, millet, or cinnamon.

Why The Spring Detox is Perfect For Your Body we should focus on what nature gives us more vegetables and a certain amount of fruit. The fruits (but not those that have a large amount of sugar, such as banana) vegetables, tea plants, and water are your greatest friend when it comes to detoxification.

The green vegetables are highly recommended for detoxification. Because they contain antioxidants and are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and have low amounts of sugars (celery, cucumber, cabbage, parsley, and lettuce).Also, smoothies are the perfect choice for this purpose. Because they are easy to make and you can take it with yourself whenever you go.